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Cubic un 3D Puzzle

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Being the first 3D puzzle industry player in China, we have established a strong competiveness by committing to professionalism. We design and produce a wide range of products, including themes of world’s famous architecture, children’s puzzle, hobby kits, etc. with 3 main lines, 15+ series, 400+ items in different styles, including licensing and OEM products. We also have trademark registrations in 42 countries as a trusted manufacturer.


CubicFun endeavors to offer a consultancy service, we have a design team of 30 professionals, own factory and other resources to cater all of our clients’ needs. Our close involvement in all stages of product design, manufacturing, logistics and sales is a key reason why we have trustworthy business partners and become successful in 20 years. 


CubicFun places itself close to the market, our aim is to offer the best puzzling experience which incorporates fun, educational insights and familyhood, and it has become a framework guiding every aspects of our business.

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