The San Felipe Cubic Fun 3D Puzzle

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The San Felipe Cubic Fun 3D Puzzle

CubicFun The San Felipe Model Ship Kits 3D Puzzle 25.6″ Sailboat 248 Pcs Stress Relief Home Decoration Gift for Adults Kids

Number of Pieces 248
Age Range (Description) Adult
Theme Ship Model Kits
Brand CubicFun
Material Paper

About this item

【History of the San Felipe】

The San Felipe is well known for her heroic battle during the War of the Spanish succession in 1705, was one of the most beautiful and formidable ships of the 17th century. No other ship or galleon in the Spanish fleet generates as much curiosity as the San Felipe and it is still a favorite of ship model collectors and enthusiasts

【Great Quality of Craftsmanship Brought The 3d Puzzle to Life】

The breathtaking 3d model is accurate to the last detail, A double hull construction, building plans with details English instructions booklet, including simulation cannons, masts and spars, etched brass details and rigging, contains all the design features of the original vessel. Built-up Model Size: 25.59″ L x 7.09″ W x 22.05″ H/65 x 18 x 56 cm.
Made of Paper and EPS Foam Board, No tools needed
Medium to high complexity, detailed design of assembly processes

【100% Quality Guarantee】

Hope our 3d puzzles bring your family more happiness, if you have any problems, please contact CubicFun Customer Service Team at any time, our friendly customer service professionals are always standing by to help.

The San Felipe Cubic Fun 3D Puzzle Product Display:

The San Felipe Cubic Fun 3D Puzzle

Discovering Elegance: The San Felipe Cubic Fun 3D Puzzle

Embark on a journey through maritime opulence with The San Felipe Cubic Fun 3D Puzzle. This comprehensive guide invites you to explore the rich history, intricate design, and assembly intricacies of this majestic vessel.

Unveiling The San Felipe Legacy

Birth of a Maritime Masterpiece Delve into the origins of The San Felipe, a maritime masterpiece that graced the seas during the Golden Age of Piracy. Explore its construction in the early 17th century, its role in naval warfare, and the aura of prestige it carried as a Spanish galleon.

Majestic Design and Nautical Grandeur Explore the opulent design and nautical grandeur of The San Felipe. Learn about the intricacies of its three-masted structure, the ornate detailing that adorned its decks, and the strategic elements that made it a formidable presence on the open seas.

Legends of The San Felipe Uncover the legends surrounding The San Felipe, from its daring encounters with pirates to its pivotal role in protecting Spanish trade routes. Learn about the tales that have elevated this galleon to legendary status in maritime history.

The Puzzle Assembly Experience

Assembling The San Felipe Cubic Fun 3D Puzzle is more than a recreational activity; it’s a voyage into the heart of maritime splendor. Let’s explore the key aspects that make this puzzle an immersive and educational experience.

Historical Accuracy in Every Detail Experience historical precision as each puzzle piece meticulously mirrors The San Felipe’s actual structure. The attention to detail ensures a faithful reproduction, capturing the essence of this iconic Spanish galleon.

Educational Insights into Maritime History Beyond the joy of assembly, the puzzle offers educational insights into the Golden Age of Piracy and Spanish naval dominance. Discover the challenges faced by sailors, the tactics employed in naval warfare, and the historical context that shaped The San Felipe’s legacy.

Expert Tips for an Enjoyable Assembly

Embark on your puzzle adventure with expert tips that enhance the assembly process and deepen your appreciation for this historical vessel.

Organize by Sections Begin by organizing puzzle pieces according to sections of The San Felipe. Categorize them based on the ship’s distinct features, such as the hull, masts, and deck, to streamline the assembly process.

Follow the Maritime Timeline Assemble the puzzle in chronological order, following the maritime timeline of galleon construction. Start with the keel, progress through the framing, and culminate with the intricate elements that define The San Felipe’s allure.

Celebrate the Details Take the time to appreciate the intricate details on each puzzle piece. From cannons to rigging, revel in the finer elements that contribute to a more rewarding assembly experience and a stunning representation of The San Felipe.

Displaying Your Maritime Marvel

Once assembled, proudly showcase your completed San Felipe Cubic Fun 3D Puzzle. Whether as a standalone piece or part of a maritime collection, let this puzzle be a testament to your admiration for nautical history and meticulous craftsmanship.


In conclusion, The San Felipe Cubic Fun 3D Puzzle invites you to relive the grandeur of Spanish naval history. With historical accuracy, educational insights, and expert assembly tips, this puzzle commemorates The San Felipe’s legacy as an emblem of maritime elegance. Assemble, admire, and let the spirit of this illustrious galleon grace your living space.


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